Not all celebrities take luxurious vacations.

ORLANDO, FL - NOVEMBER 17: Matt Lauer appear on NBC's Today Show to release their new album "Four" at Universal City Walk At Universal Orlando on November 17, 2014 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Olivia Salazar/FilmMagic)
Credit: Olivia Salazar

Busy TODAY show host Matt Lauer took some time off recently to vacation in New Zealand, and while he was blown away by the scenery, his accommodations were less than glamorous.

The TV star opened up on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon about traveling to a rural part of the country for a fishing trip with a friend, where there was no electricity, running water, or “facilities.”

"You know what has not improved in 200 years? Outhouses," he said on Wednesday. "Even if you have a Porta Potty ... you know that once a week, they're going to pick that thing up, put it on the back a truck and hose it down or steam it down. An outhouse is basically a hole in the ground with a toilet seat. There's nothing else to it."

As you can imagine, this did not bode well for the self-proclaimed germaphobe. "You'd be amazed how long you can hold it, if your only option is to go into an outhouse," he said. "I think I held it for four days. No, seriously. I don't need to eat lunch and dinner, because I know I'm going to have to go in that outhouse eventually."

Despite his less than appealing scenario, Lauer figured out a system that worked for him. "Use the outhouse, bathe in Purell. Use the outhouse, bathe in Purell," he said. And he had nothing but praise for New Zealand. “It is the most sensational country on the planet,” he said. “It’s beautiful.”