Of course there are fresh eggs in her carry-on.
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Martha Stewart Travel Airport rimowa luggage

It’s probably no surprise to anyone that Martha Stewart travels constantly. Between her book tours, her various lifestyle companies, and her VH1 T.V. show with Snoop Dogg (yes, Snoop Dogg), Stewart rarely gets time to put her feet up in her own home.

In fact, according to The New York Times, she travels at least once a month.

So, of course she finds the best ways to make life on the road feel as homey as possible with a few essential travel accessories.

Stewart revealed to The New York Times some of the travel items that she always keeps in tow.

A Rimowa Luggage Set

Stewart is a huge fan of Rimowa suitcases, and they’re perfect for packing everything you need. “I’m not a light packer... I’m not embarrassed to take two suitcases. My carry-on is the largest possible that will fit into the compartment,” she told The New York Times. “I’ve actually Instagrammed me with seven suitcases when I had to go out and do my show with Snoop. I had 20 wardrobe changes.”

Three iPads

That’s right. Three. Stewart isn’t into economizing her storage space. “One’s just for books, one’s for T.V. show series, and one’s for movies. I load them up with enough movies so that I have one per day. I don’t sleep well on land, so I like to watch movies in the night. I have three because I’m always running out of space. I don’t like erasing all my movies,” she said.

A Warm Shawl

A light but warm shawl is perfect for packing and keeping you toasty on freezing flights. Martha opts for a super lightweight shawl that’s almost like a shahtoosh. But it’s not a real shahtoosh, which is made with the hair of an endangered Tibetan antelope. Stewart uses a shawl that’s just cashmere. “They’re as warm as a down comforter. It’s paper thin, it goes through a wedding ring,” she said.

Workout Gear

It’s important not to neglect your health while you’re on the road. “I take a workout outfit so I can go to the gym in the hotel, with good footwear. I oftentimes take my Pilates ring and my yoga strap and a block to do stuff in my room if there’s no gym. I work out every day when I travel,” she said.

Homemade Snacks

Of course Stewart avoids airline food. We wouldn’t expect any less. Plus, having a snack to keep your blood sugar up is always a good thing.

“If it’s a long flight I’ll take some very good food that I know I’ll want to eat on the plane. I might make a delicious smoked salmon sandwich on seven-grain bread; I might take a tabbouleh salad. I take homemade yogurt with apple sauce. I try to avoid plane food most of the time. I just don’t find it very appetizing. And my hard-boiled eggs are just so much better than any eggs on the plane. They’re from my own chickens. I take them for everybody I’m traveling with,” she said.

Way to go all out, Martha.


While most of us are guilty of stealing those tiny hotel soaps, Stewart prefers to leave them alone. “I bring all my own bath things. A lot of hotels put out soaps with so much perfume; they’re awful. I wish they would do unscented high-quality soaps and things. I always bring my own soaps, like Dr. Orentreich’s silicon soap and Mario Badescu's A.H.A. soap.”