Mark Zuckerberg U.S. Tour

Mark Zuckerberg is winning some serious brownie points in the romance department after revealing in a Facebook post that he takes his wife, Priscilla Chan, on a brand new honeymoon each and every year.

“Today is Priscilla and my five year wedding anniversary, and I want to share a fun story about how it came together. Yesterday was the five year anniversary of Facebook's IPO. Now you may ask, who would plan their wedding for the day after their IPO? Good question,” Zuckerberg wrote.

He explained that the IPO’s date came so close to his wedding date out of sheer coincidence.The Zuckerbergs planned a surprise ceremony, so the social media company’s chief financial officer had no idea his choice of date would fall just 24 hours before the biggest day of Zuckerberg’s life. Following the couple’s low-key ceremony in their own backyard, they did in fact head off for a quick travel escape, however the trip had to be cut short so Facebook’s founder could attend to his duties.

So, to make it up to his new wife, Zuckerberg promised Chan that each year he’d plan an uber-special honeymoon in a new location.

Mark Zuckerberg U.S. Tour

“That brings us to today,” Zuckerberg continued. “Some years we've gone to Japan or France. This year we're traveling around the US and we'll be spending our honeymoon in rural Maine. One lesson I've learned from marriage is that exploring together just gets better over time.”

According to local news outlets in New England, the Zuckerbergs have been spotted at The Fiddlehead Restaurant on Hammond Street in downtown Bangor and in Millinocket, hiking around Mount Katahdin.

Mark Zuckerberg U.S. Tour

“Millinocket was literally built around a paper mill. The mill company supported the schools, built homes for workers, and at the end of the day just took care of everyone. People graduating from high school knew they had a job at the mill if they wanted it,” Zuckerberg wrote in a separate post about the community. “Despite all the challenges, I was struck by their commitment to rebuild their community. When I asked people if they would leave to pursue a better career opportunity elsewhere, not a single person said they would. They love their community and they're optimistic they can build new industries not cutting down the forests, but leaving them standing and creating tourism from the natural beauty, as well as other industries of the future.”

Mark Zuckerberg U.S. Tour

The Zuckerbergs' travels to Maine came as part of their personal 50-state challenge.

“After a tumultuous last year, my hope for this challenge is to get out and talk to more people about how they're living, working and thinking about the future,” he explained, adding in a more recent post, “I hope a lot of you have challenged yourselves to get out and learn from other perspectives this year too. I'd love to hear your stories and reflections as well.”