The star celebrated her 58th birthday in the best way possible.

By Lindsey Campbell
August 18, 2016
Madonna Heads to Cuba for Her Birthday and Gets the Best Present Ever
Credit: YAMIL LAGE/Getty Images

This week Madonna celebrated her 58th birthday.

In true Madonna fashion, she is celebrating in a spectacular way—by traveling to one of this year's hottest destinations: Cuba. She looks like she's having the time of her life.

The birthday girl took to Instagram to share shots of her walking the streets of Havana, posing with classic cars, dancing in clubs, and drinking what is probably the ultimate birthday cocktail out of a fresh pineapple.

And there's even more to envy about Madonna's travels: A friend wished the star happy birthday with an incredibly thoughtful video documenting her epic trip to Kenya earlier in the year.

In the video—shown in her four Instagram posts below—you can see the superstar taking in the desert landscape while spotting elephants and other wildlife during a helicopter ride with her children all before landing and spending time dancing with the locals.