This Is the Outfit That Made Meghan Markle a Bigger Style Influencer Than Kate Middleton, According to Fashion Experts (Video)

It’s well known that the women of the British royal family are trend-setters. Really, who among us isn’t guilty of instantly falling in love with Kate Middleton’s favorite sneaker, Meghan Markle’s preferred travel case, and the Queen’s pastel outfits?

But, out of all the women in the royal family, who really is the No. 1 trend-setter? According to the experts at fashion site Lyst, that honor belongs to the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

To come to its conclusion, the website analyzed more than 20 million search queries over the past two years and looked at some of the most “talked-about fashion moments from Kate and Meghan to find out who really has the most influence.”

Though Kate’s fashion choices led to an impressive 119 percent increase in online demand over the week following a public appearance, Meghan’s choices averaged a whopping 216 percent.

According to the site, Meghan’s most influential choice took place in March. At the 50th Anniversary of Prince Charles’ Investiture at Buckingham Palace, Meghan wore a silver and gold brocade dress. Over the following 24 hours, Lyst explained, her dress triggered a 500 percent rise in online demand for brocade dresses.

In comparison, Kate’s most influential fashion moment also happened in March during an appearance at the Commonwealth Day services at Westminster Abbey. For the event, Kate wore a red Catherine Walker coat. The following day, online searches for similar styles instantly doubled, going up 225 percent, according to Lyst.

But, don’t feel too bad for Kate. Lyst explained, though Meghan’s influence appears to be double, the two actually influence things in very different ways. While Meghan has people searching for certain colors and styles, Kate has people searching for specific designers or brands.

“Among Kate’s ten most talked-about fashion moments, seven boosted online demand for the brands she was wearing, with Jenny Packham benefiting the most from the duchess’ influence,” reps for the site explained. “As for Meghan, her royal wardrobe led to an increase in demand for specific colours in seven out of ten cases, with white, beige, and navy being the most searched for hues.”

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