For a frequent traveler, heaven is home. That doesn’t change even when you’re Lil Jon.

By Cailey Rizzo
October 26, 2018
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Lil Jon
Credit: Tyler Clinton

The 46-year-old rapper, DJ and producer spends much of his life on the road, performing in Las Vegas almost every week as part of his residency at the MGM Grand. From his life in transit, Lil Jon has gleaned an arsenal of restorative tips that are perhaps surprising from the man who famously sang “Turn Down For What.”

Right off the bat, his first tip is to stay hydrated. In an interview with Travel + Leisure, Lil Jon advised — at least three times — that party-goers in Vegas should “drink a lot of water.” Hydration is key.

According to Lil Jon, if you’ll be partying all day, don't try to be a hero of stamina. “Eat after the pool party and take a nap,” he advised. “Don’t try to go all the way through. Some people just eat dinner, take a shower and try to keep going. You need a break between all of that.”

Lil Jon is an advocate of seeking breaks wherever possible. You won’t see him stretching his legs in the aisles during a flight. He prefers window seats, “of course.”

“Most celebrities get on the plane and go to sleep, knock the hell out,” he told T+L. “We have to get rest whenever we can.”

To aid in his rest and relaxation, Lil Jon keeps a cashmere blanket in his bag. He refuses to use the “terrible airplane one full of germs.” He bought his travel blanket at an airport in Canada so he’s unsure of the brand, but it’s “cream with red and green stripes.”

When it comes to getting quality sleep in a hotel room, Lil Jon comes prepared. He packs an oil diffuser in his bag. “It helps me relax more,” he explained. For making a hotel room feel more like home, “jasmine is my number one,” Lil Jon said, “lavender is number two.”

Because so much of his life is spent in transit, Lil Jon prefers to spend time at his home in Atlanta when he's off duty. There, he’s installed waterfalls to aid his zen place. “It looks like you hiked up in the mountains,” he said.

But he and his family have taken to exploring different parts of Mexico together for Christmas vacation. On a recent trip to Loreto, on Mexico's Baja Peninsula, Lil Jon took his son “on his first fishing trip,” he explained. “We caught a bunch of fish and they made us lunch with some. It was awesome to be a hunter and gatherer, to get your own food and get your food cooked and partake in that.”

Turns out: there are some things worth turning down for.