The Bow Wow Challenge makes us all feel fancy.
Bow Wow
Credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Your life will never be as lit as Bow Wow’s. At least, that’s what his Instagram feed tells us.

On Monday, the rapper and entertainer posted a picture of a private jet with the caption, “travel day. NYC press run for Growing Up Hip Hop. Lets gooo.”

The picture itself is fairly ordinary for Bow Wow, who often snaps pictures of his luxe lifestyle.

Except, he might actually be more budget conscious than you think.

Twitter user @Al_Khee knew something was not quite adding up after spotting the rapper on his commercial flight to New York City. In other words, not a private jet.

Other Twitter users have been calling out Bow Wow’s social media faux pas by posting their own #BowWowChallenge, in which they cleverly disguise their ordinary lives to look super fancy.

Lamborghinis are revealed as mere Hot Wheels. Bottles of expensive liqueurs are just single shots. Realities are merely hopes and dreams.

After all, social media was practically invented for making your life look better than it actually is.

There’s a little Bow Wow in all of us.