Musical group LANCO
Credit: Rick Diamond/Getty Images

LANCO, the country band who rose to stardom after their hit singles "Long Live Tonight” and “Greatest Love Story” put them on the top of the charts, are delighting fans again with the late January 2018 release of their first full-length album, Hallelujah Nights. The quintet will spend most of 2018 traveling the country in their new tour bus before heading to Europe for the international leg of their tour.

Travel + Leisure, of course, caught up with the musicians to talk all things travel: how they fit 12 people on a tour bus, their best packing tips, how travel has inspired their music, and more.

T+L: What are you working on?

Brandon: We wrapped up our first full-length album a couple months ago and it’s coming out this week so we’ve been going around playing shows. We’re on the Chris Young tour right now and in between sprinkling in our own headlining shows and TV performances to promote the album.

T+L: How has your relationship with travel for work evolved as your careers have evolved?

Brandon: I think you kind of fall into a good rhythm. Especially this year, we know what our schedule is until the end of this year. It’s cool cause you can kind of look out and get in a good rhythm. Last year it was getting used to being in a different time zone and being in a different city and state every single night.

Eric: I like learning the little things about travel that make it more convenient and honing in on your routine. Last year we flew a lot, so we all kind of figured out how magical neck pillows are. Just little things like that.

Everything from taking advantage of flight apps in the airport to make things quicker, to pre-check, to learning all airport processes well — you know what you’re going to get stopped with, what you can bring through. All the way down to now that we’re traveling in a bus, and learning the different logistics of that. It’s gotten more convenient and enjoyable for us. We’re worried less and just traveling easier.

Brandon: I think also, taking advantage of different places you are and getting out of your comfort zone, finding the cool local shops, finding the vintage stores, finding the thrift shops and record stores, good food and the cooler bars. You find that every city that you’re in has its own culture which is the coolest part of traveling with our work...getting to be part of that culture even if it’s just for the night.

T+L: Is there a place you’ve gone on tour you’d like to go back and spend some time in?

Chandler: My favorite place to go is San Diego. I just love the culture and the vibe over there — the beaches are so nice, the temperature is always perfect.

Eric: One of the cool things I’m learning about, the way we travel and do things is that you are always going to come back. It’s good, because you do have those nights where you see something that you didn’t have a chance to do but you know you’re going to come back and can do that. We have found some regular spots in a lot of cities that we like to go to.

T+L: Can you name a few?

LANCO: Sharbar in Kansas City, the best wings I’ve ever had; Sweetwater Tavern in Detroit; in L.A. one is called No Vacancy.

T+L: You mostly travel on your tour bus —your first tour bus — tell us about it.

Chandler: Well, it’s not just us five of us, it’s the five of us, plus crew and some media people. Our tour bus has 12 bunks, so we can comfortably sleep 12 people. It’s like a house.

Brandon: You walk in and there’s a kitchen, and a couple TVs so you can keep yourself entertained. In the front there’s a bathroom and a shower in it. It’s got a slide out so when we’re parked the living space gets a little bigger. In the middle is a bunk area that’s sound proof so people can be hanging out in the front and people can still get some sleep. In the back there’s a back lounge area, and another TV and a wraparound couch and an office space where we can set up a little studio and laptop. You learn how to stay out of each others' way and learn how to live with band and crew in this confined space but you never really feel cramped.

T+L: Things every pro traveler should have?

LANCO: Neck pillow and four-way rolling suitcase.

T+L: Has any of your music been inspired by your travels?

Brandon: Not geographically but more by the people we’ve met along the way. We have a culture as a brand and our music has a culture and a lot of that is influenced by the culture of others. It’s cool going to all these different places and seeing what makes people unique.

T+L: What are your ultimate bucket list destinations?

LANCO: The Swiss Alps, Machu Picchu, Greece, anywhere in the Mediterranean, Spain, Italy, and London.

T+L: If you could give one travel tip, what would It be?

LANCO: Get out of your comfort zone. Dive head first into the place, the city, and the people — and getting off your phone.

Jared: Also, hotels always have dirty laundry bags, so use those!

T+L: How do you handle jetlag?

LANCO: I don’t think we do anymore. We travel so much we don’t even really live in a time zone. Just sleep when you’re tired. Drink whiskey, drink water. We’ll really be put to the test when we go to Europe.

T+L: You all are playing at the Tortuga Music Festival.

We’re excited! It’s literally on the beach. You park your tour bus on the beach. It has a certain vibe that is inspiring and it’s a great place to have a bunch of music to take place.

T+L: Two more fun questions… Who is most likely to be late for a flight?

LANCO: Brandon.

T+L: Who is most likely to leave something behind?

LANCO: Jared.