By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw
June 29, 2016
GVK/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

We might know what it's like to vacation in destinations all over the world, but kind of clueless when it comes to traveling for months on a tour bus. That's why we went right to the source to find out, a.k.a *NSYNC's Lance Bass.

The former boy band member revealed that it was hard for them to sleep after a concert because they were so hyped up. So, what does any boy while killing time on the road? Play video games.

"We had a different consul in every bunk, so we'd play Halo against each other in our bunks,"  Lance told Travel + Leisure at the Equinox #POWEREDBYPRIDE 2016 “Partners in Pride” series at Industria Superstudio in New York City on June 23rd. "It was the scariest thing in the world because everyone is in their own little world on this bus just sniping each other. We'd play for hours."

Though the band members went their separate ways in 2002, Lance said life on the road has had permanent effects on him and the way he travels. "I can't sleep without noise or movement because of growing up on a tour bus," he concluded. "If anything is moving, I'll fall asleep immediately. If I'm sitting there and it's quiet, I can't sleep. I have to have a sound machine at all times. On a plane I'm out—that's my favorite. "

It seems his love of video games has stuck with him, too. "My iPad is number one carry-on item because I’m very addicted to Smurf’s Village," he revealed. "Jamie Lynn Sigler and I started playing it five years ago as a joke and I’m still playing it. It’s like my meditation."

The Sopranos star may have turned him on to some in-flight entertainment, but another actress got him hooked on a pre-plane superstition. "My friend Emmanuelle Chriqui told me that before you get on the plane and you’re in the jet way, you bang on the wall and say, ‘Double heaps,’" said Lance. "Then you step on the plane with your right foot."

And though he's on the road constantly, the wannabe astronaut has one hotel he could live at for the rest of his life. "The Andaz Hotel in Papagayo, Costa Rica is unlike anything I've ever see," he concluded.  "There’s just food and monkeys everywhere and when you’re in the water you can’t even see the hotel. It’s the most relaxing, chic place I’ve ever been to."