Seriously, we're jealous of a one-year-old.

By Andrea Romano
January 18, 2019

She’s only a year old, but little Stormi Webster isn’t too young to start living the luxe lifestyle like her mom.

According to Cosmopolitan, Kylie Jenner took her daughter, Stormi Webster — her father is Travis Scott, whose real last name is Webster, according to USA Today — on a luxury vacation in honor of little Stormi’s first birthday, which is on Feb. 1.

Not a bad way to set your birthday bar high, honestly.

And, of course, in the usual Jenner/Kardashian fashion, Jenner documented their stylish mother-daughter celebration on the beach for Instagram to see.

The happy family got to enjoy a beautiful sunset over the ocean, while Stormi got to wiggle her toes in the sand. They also took pictures of their luxury resort, which has a wrap-around pool area that would spark the deepest envy in anyone’s soul.

“Hello paradise,” Jenner wrote in the caption. She also has a snap of herself looking a bit somber in a orange sundress and floppy straw hat.

She captioned that photo, “happier than I look,” so perhaps that was just her cool, model pose. Her Instagram story showed other photos of her in the same outfit, carrying Stormi, looking pretty happy indeed.

According to People, Jenner’s friend Jordyn Woods accompanied the mother and daughter on their tropical vacation and helped take photos. It’s unclear which tropical paradise that the group absconded to, but we’re jealous nonetheless.

Since Stormi’s birthday is still two weeks away, we’re sure to see even more birthday surprises in the coming weeks. Jenner revealed her plans for this tropical vacation all the way back in June, according to People, and promised that her first birthday was going to be “epic.”

Plus, Us Magazine reported that Jenner, like any excited mom, was already wrapping presents for Stormi as early as Jan. 7.