Kip Moore
Credit: Courtesy of Kip Moore

Country star Kip Moore is no stranger to life on the road. The singer, whose hit singles “Hey Pretty Girl,” and “Beer Money” launched him to stardom, spends most of his time traveling across the globe on a tour bus.

His most recent Me and My Kind Tour brought him across the U.S. and Canada to Australia, the U.K. and Ireland. But even a professional road warrior needs a vacation. Moore’s destination of choice? Costa Rica.

On his most recent trip to the Central American nation he spent most of his time hiking the coast, camping and surfing at one of its many beautiful beaches—a trip during which he was able to capture the footage used to create the lyric video for his newest single “More Girls Like You,” debuted above.

The country star often travels alone; forgoing luxury stays for backpacking and camping to get closer to nature and experience the area in a more raw natural way. And, while his travels have inspired many of his songs, it’s the people he has met along that way that have influenced him most.

We caught up with the artist to chat all things travel. We learned the inspiration behind his new single, his best solo travel tip, what it’s really like to travel the world on a tour bus (crowded!), and how he manages to experience new destinations like a local. Plus, we have photos from his trip to Costa Rica.

Kip Moore
Credit: Courtesy of Kip Moore

T+L: Tell us about your trip to Costa Rica and the inspiration for your single and video.

KM: So much of my time over there has been profound. We took footage from the trip to make the lyric video but we didn’t go over there with the intention of shooting the video.
So much of the song has been about me traveling all over the world and being around all these different cultures with the one constant thing is the love a dad has for his little girl. It doesn’t matter what the skin color, what the nationality, its all the same. Love is love.

I watched those kinds of things and I’ve stayed away from that for so long—not intentionally, music has been my baby—but when I go to these places it puts perspective on my life and I’m always in a constant search for purpose.

I’m doing these surfing vacations, and it helps me to see things and centers me better, and so much of the song is about that from my travels, and knowing that I look forward to that next chapter. It’s more about finding that person that’s so amazing that I hope my kids turn out like her. And that’s what the song was about.

What’s it like being on the road all the time?

I always wake up feeling blessed because I’m one of the few people on this planet that actually get to wake up and do what they love everyday. That being said, the traveling portion takes such a mental and physical toll on you. The worst part is the sleep deprivation. Even though it’s on a comfy bus, that thing’s still moving.

The road can do a really funny thing to you and it can play funny tricks on your mind. It can be a very isolating journey at times. But the reward is always worth it when you step on stage.

How many people are with you on the road?

There’s usually about 11 or 12 of us in one bus.


Yea, every once in a while we get a second bus.

Kip Moore
Credit: Courtesy of Kip Moore

How do you stay healthy on the road?

I find a gym in every city that I go to. I wake up and do that. Or I go rock climbing, or for a run around the venue.

What are some of your other favorite getaways?

I like surfing so the West Coast, East Coast, the Dominican, Hawaii.

Where do you want to go next?

I am hoping to try Portugal next. I’ve heard it’s great.

Kip Moore
Credit: Courtesy of Kip Moore

When you travel for leisure, what does that look like?

I just got back from snowboarding; I did that for a week and a half. I love to camp. Surfing is my main thing. I do it pretty bare minimal. I don’t go stay in fancy places—I don’t like to stay in fancy places. I like to keep myself centered with the kind of people that are like me and live the way I used to when I didn’t have a dime in my name.

If I see a beach that I like, I’ll just pull over and camp. And that’s a lot of the reason I go by myself so much. A lot of people can’t deal with that kind of thing, they want their amenities and sometimes flying by the seat of your pants so much can make people uneasy but that’s the way I like to do it.

Any solo travel tips?

Always have a good pair of sturdy hiking shoes because you never know what you’re going to get in to. And always bring a lighter.

Any travel resolutions for this year?

I want to bring out a Polaroid camera and I want to get the places I love and put those pictures all over my bunk.