Kim Kardashian
Credit: James Devaney/GC Images

Sometimes fashion and comfort don’t exactly mix, and no one knows this better than Kim Kardashian.

Kardashian was spotted in Montreal on Monday for the opening of French fashion designer Thierry Mugler's exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, according to Narcity.

But besides being in awe of her gorgeous outfits, fans on Twitter were mostly concerned about Kardashian freezing in the -15 degree weather without a coat.

In case you weren’t sure, it’s extremely cold in Canada during the wintertime.

However, it seems like Kardashian was mostly unbothered by the cold. According to People, Kardashian arrived at the exhibition wearing a toga-style, sheer gown with a gold plastic bodice, designed by Mugler. On her way out, she was seen in a second outfit, which was a white mini dress with a white corset, also designed by Mugler.

Both outfits were accessorized with sky-high heels that left everyone holding their breath in hopes Kardashian wouldn’t fall on the ice outside.

But one doesn’t just throw a Canada Goose parka over couture. If her family camping (or, should we say glamping?) trip to Wyoming back in 2018, or her husband, Kanye West’s customized, double-decker Boeing 747, is any indication, Kardashian has never been someone who sacrifices style for anything.

Kardashian managed to look elegant (and balanced), despite the freezing cold. After all, she was really only outside for a few moments.

Who needs a jacket anyway?