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That’s a lot of frequent flier miles, Kendall Jenner.

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January 25, 2017

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The master of jet-setting recently released a by-the-numbers roundup of her year in travel for 2016 in a new post on her app, and a few of the stats are pretty surprising (and impressive!).

To start, Jenner, 21, says she flew 162,603 miles in 2016. (That’s equal to circling the earth a little over 6.5 times.) A few of those trips included first-time visits to spots like Barcelona, Rome, Vail, Washington D.C., and Salt Lake City. And who could forget her vacation to Turks and Caicos to ring in little sister Kylie’s 19th birthday?

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The “most amount of friends flown with” is a steep 45, thanks to her trip to Paris for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.


we're off!

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say cheese. Fendi✖️Rome

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Although most travelers might find the constant change of time zones exhausting, Jenner’s discovered a secret that keeps her on-the-go lifestyle more manageable (and we’re not talking about her penchant for orange chicken). When it comes to “hours slept on a plane,” she says the number is, “Countless — sleeping on the plane is my number-one trick for fighting jet lag!”

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The most surprising feat, though, is Jenner’s tendency to pack pretty light — the average number of suitcases she brings with her is just two!

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However, she does admit there’s a bit more happening behind-the-scenes. “I’ll ship some, too!” she writes.

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