The duchess shows her sporty side.

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Kate Middleton trainers
Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Dressing like a duchess may seem out of reach for most, but Kate Middleton always seems to find a way to marry perfect style with accessibility—and we can’t thank her enough. After all, who doesn’t want to dress like a princess?

From her go-to travel shoe, to her always-flattering outfit choices, the duchess inspires us to look our very best on the road.

But it isn’t all black-tie affairs. Last week Princess Kate, Prince William, and Prince Harry attended a charity run where we saw a more sporty side of the royal family.

The trio arrived at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park ready to race. Prince Harry and Prince William wore casual pants, sneakers and sweaters as they lined up to run the first leg of a five-person relay. Kate joined them in a pair of black jeans, lightweight coat and black and white New Balance sneakers—the perfect outfit for both hitting the track and enjoying the rest of her day walking around London.

Kate Middleton trainers
Credit: Courtesy of New Balance

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Not only are these sneakers the perfect combination of comfort and style that can bring you from the airport, to the gym and around the streets of your favorite city, they are also very affordable, making them a win in our book.

Perhaps she’s planning to join her husband while he runs his first marathon? Either way, we’ll definitely be channeling this look on our next trip.