By Stacey Leasca
March 06, 2019
Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, are expecting their first baby any day now. Though we know the baby will likely be due sometime in early spring, we still don’t know if it will be a boy or a girl, or what his or her name will be. But, we do know one more thing for certain: Kate Middleton will not be the baby’s godmother.

No, it’s not because the two Duchesses are in a feud, or because of any other wild royal rumor out there. But rather, Kate Middleton will not be the newest royal baby’s godmother simply because the two will be too closely related.

“Godparents are supposed to provide the spiritual guidance to their godchildren, at least for regular folk,” Marlene Koenig explained to Town & Country just prior to Prince Louis’ birth. Koenig added that godparents play a "different role—sometimes at a distance—sending a lovely present for their godchild’s birthday until adulthood—and a nice wedding present."

Relatives of the royal babies, Robert Jobson, a royal correspondent for various British publications, also explained to USA Today, don’t need to be godparents to be involved with the child. "(They) will have a role in George's life anyway," he said.

So, who may be filling this important role for Harry and Meghan’s baby? As Town & Country noted, Princess Charlotte has five godparents, Prince George has seven, and Prince Louis has six, all of whom are close family friends or distant relatives.

For Meghan and Harry’s baby, this role could be filled by a number of close friends including Serena Williams or Amal Clooney, who both threw Meghan’s lavish baby shower in New York just a few weeks ago. The job could also go to Jessica and Ben Mulroney, who are both close friends of the couple and even travel with them on occasion. Of course, Meghan and Harry could ask Misha Nonoo, who reportedly introduced them in the first place.

Only time will tell who Meghan and Harry will ask to fill this important role in their child’s life. Luckily, it seems like we only have a few more weeks left until we get our answer.