Duchess Catherine of Cambridge and Meghan Markle
Credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage; Samir Hussein/WireImage

Meghan Markle is one lucky lady. Not only is she about to marry into the British royal family, but she’s apparently got an extremely cool and helpful future sister-in-law in Kate Middleton.

According to reports, the duo are getting very close, often swapping advice on how to live their best princess lives. Meghan reportedly has been helping Kate by giving her healthy-living tips throughout her pregnancy. And now, it appears Kate has returned the favor by giving advice to Meghan on one of the things she knows best: fashion.

“[Duchess Catherine] has also been advising Meghan about royal fashion, what protocol is expected and how she may have to adapt in the future,” a source told the Independent. “She has provided Meghan with names of some of the favorite U.K. go-to designers on everything from dresses, coats, and the all-important British hat.”

Moreover, Kate is helping guide Meghan through the ins and outs of being a fashionable royal and is letting Meghan know how to give subtle nods to arguably the most famous royal bride ever, Princess Diana.

"Like Kate, expect Meghan to make the occasional nod to her husband’s fashion icon mother,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. “Both Kate and Meghan will no doubt honor Princess Diana with designs that reflect her likes and style.”

Meghan has reportedly been involved in boot camp-style preparation for becoming a royal, allegedly learning everything from appropriate protocol to self-defense and hostage training, just in case.

And, according to the Independent, she’s even been in training to “soften” her American accent.

“Meghan's American twang will be softened and toned down,” the Independentsource said. “But more essential is her switching to British terminology — she simply cannot be 'taking out the trash' and 'wearing pants.'"

The source added, "There'll be no stone unturned as in less than 12 weeks all eyes will be on her — there is no room for error.”

No pressure, Meghan.