By Skye Sherman
February 10, 2019
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Leave it to a jet-setting supermodel to provide us with an in-flight beauty regimen that’s really more of a full-on spa night. In a recent YouTube video, Karlie Kloss boards a Delta flight and films her go-to long-haul routine as she takes a red-eye flight from New York to Madrid. As a model, Kloss has to arrive looking photoshoot-ready, so far be it from us to skip out on any tips she slips our way.

“I am just having a very busy day — got off of one set, getting on a plane, and getting off of a plane [and] going onto another set,” Kloss shares. “So basically, I need to just get on this plane and get to sleep.”

After changing into Adidas Alphaskin Sport Climawarm compression tights ($50), she heads back to begin her in-seat pampering.

Pajama-clad and ready to rest, her first step is to wipe her hands with a hot towel and her seat with on-the-go Clorox disinfecting wipes. Then she squeezes a dollop of hand sanitizer into her palms, pulls her hair back, and gets to work. After removing her makeup with a wipe, she applies night serum in the form of both Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Masks ($44 for a set of four) and liquid Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum ($68 for 1 oz.), which she smooths over her cheeks.

Kloss then pulls out a tube of Seed Probiotics and pops one in her mouth — “Love these,” she comments — followed by a melatonin tablet. “It’s my favorite way to help me fall asleep on an airplane and stay asleep,” she shares. Next, she applies another Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair product, this time in the form of Eye Concentrate Matrix ($69 for 0.5 oz.). “I like to lather on as much serum and cream as I can,” she explains.

Kloss then proceeds to perform a self-administered lymphatic massage with a butterfly-shaped rose quartz tool ($20.99 on Amazon). “It really helps de-puff,” she says. “It helps kind of circulate your skin...especially when you’re on a plane and it’s just super dehydrating.” As a last step, Kloss rolls calming essential oils onto her wrists, spritzes her pillow with Thisworks deep sleep pillow spray ($29), pops in her Invisalign, and hits the hay.

Not even the world’s longest flight could slow us down after a routine like that.