By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw
April 13, 2016
Kanye West
Credit: Getty Images

Kanye West turned King of Scots. The rapper and his entourage recently took over the Skeabost House Hotel on the Isle of Skye in Scotland as a resting point while filming scenes for his “Waves” music video, according to The Daily Record. Though the group book seven of the 14 rooms available on the property, the owners said there was no diva behavior at all.

"Kanye was the perfect guest—charming, courteous and polite," hotel owner Anne Gracie told the paper. "We were delighted to offer him and his companions our usual Highland hospitality and would welcome him back any time.”

West only stayed the night of April 10 and had the largest room that came complete with a four-poster bed and view of the sea. A room with breakfast at the hotel costs around $213.

“It was all very exciting,” revealed another spokesman for the hotel. “The staff at the hotel was told a high-profile celebrity was coming to stay but no-one knew exactly who until Kanye arrived and it was a total surprise.”

He added, “He had some supper before having a snooze in his four-poster bed. In the morning Kanye got up, had breakfast and went off to do his filming before coming back at lunch time very tired before having a snooze and some tea. The staff at the hotel say he chatted to everyone. Photographs were banned. But they said he was just like one of the guys really. They did ask if Kim Kardashian West was part of his entourage, but they were told she was elsewhere."