By Mariah Tyler
April 20, 2018
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Credit: Courtesy of Aman Hotels & Resorts

In the last week, Kanye West has made his return to Twitter, recording his stream of consciousness, doling out life advice, and dropping news about his upcoming projects. Thursday he announced his long-anticipated new albums are coming this summer. And today in Kanye tweets, he decided we need to "Aman Giri" the world.

Twitter followers and fans unfamiliar with the world of five-star travel may be wondering what he means exactly, so let us break it down.

Amangiri, as it is correctly spelled, is a luxury resort in Canyon Point, Utah where Kanye and wife Kim Kardashian West celebrated her birthday this past October and where Emily Ratajkowski spent her recent honeymoon.

Credit: Courtesy of Aman Hotels & Resorts

The allure of Amangiri, an Aman resort, is in the way its design blends with the desert: cement buildings seamlessly mix with the colors of the surrounding rock formations and open up to sweeping views of the natural scenery, making it easy for guests at the 600-acre compound to feel at one with the environment.

Kanye recently interviewed his interior designer, Axel Vervoordt, for the Hollywood Reporter and hinted they may be working on a community development project in Los Angeles together. Their shared philosophy on home design seems to align perfectly with the Amangiri method of connecting humans with nature: "We want to feel the origin of nature, the origin of that mountain and what that mountain wants of a house. It's not the attitude like 'Are we gonna build the house that everybody will see how beautiful it is?' No. I think we're searching for something that belongs to it, that was always there, and that's gonna make it timeless more in the future, but it's also connected to the origin," Vervoordt said in the interview.

Credit: Courtesy of Aman Hotels & Resorts
Credit: Courtesy of Aman Hotels & Resorts

Anyone who follows Kanye knows he strives to live in a world that is decluttered, simple, and holistic. As he expressed in previous tweets, "distraction is the enemy of vision" and "sometimes you have to get rid of everything."

I'm here for it.