By Stacey Leasca
November 25, 2019

Note to self: Never high-five a member of the royal family. At least, don’t do it in front of the press.

In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, singer Kacey Musgraves recalled the time she came face-to-face with Prince Harry at the Royal Variety Performance in 2015. Though she believed the meeting went very well, people from her record label apparently found the encounter appalling. Why? Because she dared to give the Prince a high-five rather than a curtsy.

“Apparently afterward, the guy that works at the label was like, ‘No, no, no,’” she said about the incident, which was also captured by photographers at the event. “He was like, ‘I can’t believe you gave him a high-five. That’s just unbelievable.’ He’s like, ‘No, there’s a way to address the royal family, and a high-five, going up top is not the way.’”

However, neither she nor Prince Harry seemed perturbed about the casual greeting. As Musgraves added, “I was like, ‘I didn’t know. He went in for it, so whatever.”

Prince Harry and Kasey Musgraves high five each other in 2015.
Credit: WPA Pool/Getty Images

Funny enough, this wasn’t the first time Musgraves has been asked about the incident.

In an interview with The BBC in 2018, the singer explained the incident saying, “Okay, so I’m from Texas. I haven’t read the manual on royal etiquette. I didn’t really go to elocution lessons or anything.” She added, “He came up and he just seemed super friendly, and I put my hand up and he went for it. We had a laugh. And later, when I came back, the label was like, ‘Oh, you shouldn’t have done that.’ That was kind of a no-no.”

Though Musgraves caught a bit of flack for her high-five it seems as though the royals may actually not care that much about keeping things formal.

Even the Queen is apparently warming up to the idea of more casual greetings. According to the Queen’s dressmaker and friend Angela Kelly, the monarch loved her casual hug from former first lady Michelle Obama so much that she’d do it again. As Kelly wrote, "In reality it was a natural instinct for the Queen to show affection and respect for another great woman and really there is no protocol that must be adhered to."

So go ahead, high-five, hug, say “what’s up” to the royal family if you see them. We promise the world won’t end.