By Stacey Leasca
July 06, 2017
Andrew Milligan/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, had an audience with the Queen of England on Wednesday.

The meeting, which took place in Scotland ahead of the G20 summit, in Hamburg, Germany, looked just as exciting as you might expect and involved all the pomp and circumstance one could hope for from the two world leaders.

Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

As Mashable explained, Trudeau arrived at Holyroodhouse with a splendidly long motorcade before exiting his vehicle in royal fashion.

He was then announced to Queen Elizabeth and bowed his head before walking over to shake the longest-reigning living monarch’s hand.

Andrew Milligan/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Next, the pair made small talk, discussing Trudeau’s education and time in Scotland, with Trudeau telling the Queen he had recently been offered an honorary degree at the University of Edinburgh. The prime minister joked, “It probably dismays a number of my former professors to see a doctor now — even an honorary one.”

The Queen simply chuckled and replied “Well, that was nice.”

According to the Independent, Trudeau is only the second Canadian prime minister to receive an honorary degree from the university.

This isn’t the first time Trudeau has met with her royal majesty. According to the Independent, Trudeau met the Queen as a young child when his father was Canada’s prime minister. He met with the Queen once again in London shortly after his election in 2015.