Delta SkyMag July 2017 Justin Trudeau Canada 150th Birthday Cover
Credit: Courtesy of Delta Air Lines

Well, hello, Prime Minister.

Out of pretty much all the world leaders, it’s clear that Canada’s Justin Trudeau can’t be beat as everyone’s favorite political heartthrob. Whether he’s celebrating Pride, taking prom selfies, or just casually (and shirtlessly) photobombing a beach wedding, it seems he can do no wrong in the eyes of the public.

All those good looks, intellect, and charm make him the perfect cover model. But rather than Esquire, Vogue or even Teen Beat, he’s gracing the cover of something a little more obscure: The July cover of Delta Air Lines’ inflight magazine.

Cue record scratch.

It makes sense — nothing spells good press, for an airline or any other business, like Trudeau. Plus, the cover is in honor of Canada’s 150th anniversary.

Sporting quirky purple socks and his debonair smile, and sitting backwards on a chair like a Lifetime movie teacher trying to rap with his misunderstood students, Trudeau’s cover was received with wild enthusiasm by the internet.

Sure, he may be manspreading a little. But we’re here for it. We’re always here for Justin.