Julianne Hough
Credit: Michael Simon

Julianne Hough and her husband, Brooks Laich, are planning their one-year anniversary trip.

They're not only deciding where to go, but also what to do and how their friends and family will get there. Luckily, the dancer, singer and actress and her hockey player husband have the same travel intentions.

“For us, it’s all about activity and adventure,” she told Travel + Leisure. “When we go to the beach or water, we want to go deep sea fishing or scuba diving or something like that. We love adventure and adrenaline.”

As part of her new role as a spokesperson for the Marriott Rewards Premiere Plus Credit Card, Hough spoke to T+L about her travel style.

Hough’s sense of adventure continues with her approach to the airport: “I’m a push-it-to-the-last-minute person about getting to the airport, which frustrates my husband,” she said. “Because he’s like, let’s get there an hour and a half before we even need to be there. And I’m like, we’ve got 45 minutes, I’m fine.”

However, she draws the line at packing. Prepping is not a spontaneous affair. When selecting outfits for a trip, everything is meticulously coordinated.

“Anytime I get a great outfit that I really like, I always take a picture. I put it in my camera roll and I always have it,” she said. “I can put together a little lookbook for this trip or this trip.” Even her husband has adopted her style trick.

Whether bungee jumping at Victoria Falls, eaten dinner atop the Eiffel Tower at Jules Verne in Paris or relaxing in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (where the couple recently bought a house), Hough and Laich are on the lookout for future travel memories.

As for what’s next on the travel list, seeing the pyramids of Giza, spotting wild gorillas in the Congo or Rwanda and taking part in Brazil’s Carnival are all top contenders.

Their mutual bucket list is more full of experiences than destinations. “It’s not so much about ‘we want to go here’ it’s more about ‘what do we do while we’re here?’” she said. “It’s all about the experience, the culture, the food, the memory.”

Although the couple may not know where they’ll be celebrating their anniversary, they know that they’ll be making lifelong memories.