John Stamos Wants to Read You a Disney Bedtime Story

Watch Stamos read "A Kiss Goodnight" before you go to bed.

John Stamos
Photo: Christopher Willard/ABC via Getty Images

We are living through a very difficult time to say the least, however, there are people and organizations doing everything they can to lift spirits. And that includes both Disney and John Stamos.

Stamos, a well-known Disney fanatic, teamed up with Disney’s social media team to bring the world just a small touch of joy in the form of a bedtime story.


On Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, Disney shared an adorable six-minute video of Stamos reading the Disney favorite "A Kiss Goodnight" by Floyd Norman and Richard Sherman.

"Hi, I'm John Stamos and I hope you're all doing well out there at this time. I have self quarantined myself in my Dumbo," Stamos joked, showing off his equally adorable giant plastic elephant chair. “I’m so honored to read this because I’ve had the pleasure and the honor of spending time with both of these gentlemen who are responsible for this incredible book.”

He then begins to read as the soundtrack to the book begins to play.

"To the land of imagination, there's a wondrous magical door. No one knows where the door is hidden, yet we've all been there before,” Stamos reads. “For within every heart lies a secret that reveals the mystery, and the secret is this: just a gentle kiss is the key."

Are you crying yet? Because I am.

We don’t want to spoil too much of the book so you’ll just have to give it a little listen right here.

“Well God bless you all, I know this is a very difficult time for everyone,” Stamos says at the end of his reading. “But we have our family, we have our friends, and we have Disney. So let’s do what he would do and find a little magic in each and every day.”

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