John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Went to Mexico for Vacation but Ended Up Filming a Stunning Music Video

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen put our wanderlust in overdrive with the new music video for "Wild."

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen might just be the coolest couple in the world — and Legend's new music video is proof of that. Legend, the first African American man to earn an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony), recently released his new studio album "Bigger Love," and a steamy music video co-starring his supermodel wife for the song "Wild."

In a conversation last week as part of Meredith's :Blackprint series, Legend, People's current "Sexiest Man Alive," spilled the beans on the new music video that was filmed in Mexico.

"We were planning to go there on vacation anyway," Legend said, "and we added two extra days to the end of our vacation to shoot the music video."

In the stunning video, the couple is shown running around on pristine beaches and cruising in a convertible with the top down, so adding two extra days of "work" probably didn't take too much convincing. It was also a chance for Legend and Teigen to spend some time with the man who introduced them in the first place.

"Our director is the guy who introduced us. His name is Nabil Elderkin, and I wouldn't have met Chrissy without him. He was a photographer, and is a photographer, and was moving into directing videos. And I was one of the first videos he directed, on spec, way back in 2006," Legend recalled. "He cast Chrissy as my love interest in the video, and [Chrissy] and I hit it off, and started dating not long after that. And the rest is history."

As for the logistics of filming a music video in Mexico during the pandemic, Legend was sure to let us know their travels included masking up, temperature checks, and testing.

"It was just the family in the video so we were able to socially distance from everyone else. And we managed to get back home, and we got tested when we got back home, made sure everybody was healthy," he explained.

And, speaking of family, the couple used the video to make a huge announcement: Chrissy is pregnant with baby number three. Meaning they'll need a bigger RV for their next U.S. road trip.

For now, Legend and Teigen haven't shared any future vacation plans — and we know they take the best vacations ever — but they're optimistic about getting back on the road someday.

"We need a vaccine and we need to suppress this virus, and we've got to do all the things that we need to do in the meantime. But hopefully, a year from now, I'll be on tour — with a new little one."

Tanner Saunders is an associate digital editor at Travel + Leisure. He loves John and Chrissy very, very much.

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