It’s just Jimmy Carter being Jimmy Carter.


Former President Jimmy Carter was spotted shaking hands with every passenger on his Delta flight from Atlanta to Washington last week.

The passengers were amazed and touched by Carter’s warmth and kindness as he took the time to greet each one of them personally. A video of the encounter quickly made its way around the internet.

Highly personal and genuine greetings is business as usual for Carter: People also spotted him performing this pre-flight ritual on his route to Washington for President Trump’s inauguration in January.

In fact, he makes a point to say hello to his fellow passengers on most of his flights. There is a goldmine of videos of Carter kindly greeting people on YouTube.

“Standard Operating Procedure for Jimmy....I have been a recipient of his graciousness in such a setting,” said one Twitter user.

“[I’ve] flown from NY to ATL w Jimmy Carter on the flight before and he did the same thing. One of the good ones, even if you acknowledge his flaws,” said another user.

Plenty of other users weighed in on Carter’s heartwarming and neighborly gesture as well. Good job, Jimmy.