Jessica Simpson Has Mastered the Art of Comfy Travel — Here's What She Always Packs

From a cozy sweatsuit to a cashmere blanket, Jessica Simpson is a pro at bringing the comforts of home on the road.

Jessica Simpson
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We may all be spending time at home this March, but Jessica Simpson has already been on the road a lot this year. The star traveled all across the country last month to promote her newest book, Open Book, which reveals her most intimate struggles for the first time ever since she stepped into the spotlight at age 15.

For the last stop of her tour, Simpson was a guest speaker at the popular Create & Cultivate conference and Travel + Leisure got the chance to catch up with her there.

"My book tour has been incredible and I have met fans from all over the country who have inspired me and reinforced the reason that I decided to write this book," Simpson told us. "I wanted to show people that accepting flaws and fears leads to a much more beautiful and harmonious place. I wanted to lead with my mistakes so people would see that honesty (especially with yourself) is the key to happiness."

From her best business advice and the beauty products she can't travel without to what fans can expect from her throughout the rest of 2020, she laid it all out there.

T+L: First, can you elaborate on the inspiration behind Open Book?

Jessica Simpson: "I had been approached many times over the years to write a book and it just never felt right to me. I realized I wasn't being truly honest with myself. I had a lot to work through — from traumatic experiences from my childhood to pain that I had buried deep down inside along with some of the unhealthy ways I learned to cope. When I shed light on some of those demons, I was finally able to rid them from my life and the tools I gained became some of my proudest possessions. I wanted to write this book to share those resources and also my experiences in case they could help get someone through a painful time. Open Book is available for purchase now as a hardcover, audiobook, or on Kindle."

When you're traveling, what are some things you can't leave home without?

"Well for this trip I didn't leave home without my family. Sharing my story was so emotional and powerful for me that I couldn't have done it without Eric, Maxwell, Ace, and Birdie by my side. I also invited both of my parents and some close friends to come along. Having my inner circle along for the ride made the tough moments easier and the joyful moments more celebratory."

Now how about what goes in your suitcase and carry-on? What are some of your go-to travel items?

"I actually bring all of the same beauty products I use at home when I go on the road. I'm a homebody by nature, so I like being as comfortable as possible when I travel. I love Epicuren skin care products, CBD cream for my feet and refreshing face masks. My carry-on is a Gucci roller suitcase filled with a cozy sweat suit, comfy socks, a cashmere blanket and my iPad."

What can we expect from you this year?

"2020 has already been an incredible year. I'm looking forward to more projects related to Open Book and more chances to connect with people and hear their stories. I have new music that came out as the companion to Open Book. There are six new songs on the audio book that tell this story through music. I have more new music that I am excited to share this year. I also have some TV and film projects that are in early stages that I'm very excited about, and of course, I'll be continuing to work on the Jessica Simpson Collection — which is a constant passion and a labor of love. We launched our e-commerce last year (check it out on and that will be a major focus."

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