Jessica Alba on Self-care and Staying Connected to Her Family While Traveling

"I did more masks and at-home facials than ever before," she told T+L of her time at home during the pandemic.

Jessica Alba
Photo: Courtesy of ATT&T

Sit next to Jessica Alba on a long flight and she may just hand you an extra sheet mask.

"I'm not at all ashamed of a facemask," the actress said of her flying routine during a recent interview with Travel + Leisure. "I definitely look like a serial killer from an 80's movie...I'll do all the masks, I'll wear all the creams."

As traveling for work — and for fun — has made its way back into her schedule, Alba, who was speaking on a panel for AT&T 5G about the importance of high-speed connectivity and bandwidth, said that along with her in-flight skincare, she's excited to stay connected with her family wherever she goes.

"I've traveled for work my whole life and not being able to see my kids, I felt like I was missing out," the mom of three said. "My husband hates FaceTime because of the lag time, and [the call] would glitch if the internet wasn't good and now it's like that isn't a thing anymore."

"It's just such a different thing to see somebody's face, you can read their face and see what's going on, and so that for me is something I was missing when I was traveling before, now I won't," she added.

In the unexpected time she did get to spend at home, the actress and founder of The Honest Company, grounded her in-flight self-care habit and got her daughters in on the action.

"I did more masks and at-home facials than ever before," she recalled. "The girls and I got foot baths that you plug in and it massages your feet [for an] at-home spa moment. I think before, it used to feel really planned but now it's just like, 'Oh yeah we're going to do spa night tonight' — it's just kind of easy to do now."

Thankfully, once fully vaccinated, Alba got in a bucket list trip this year on a quick trip to Dubai.

"I was only there for 4 days so I didn't get to experience it, so I want to take the kids because it's so rad," she said. "The deserts and the seaside, and then the downtown [with] the architecture is insane. I'm excited to take the kids because they've never been to that part of the world."

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