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Jessica Alba's Tricks to Combat Jetlag
Credit: Jean Baptiste Lacroix / Getty

In the past year, Jessica Alba—actor, ZICO spokeswoman, Honest Company founder, and mother of two—has traveled a lot. To Paris, Minneapolis, London, and Hawaii, just to name a few.

And when you’re flying around the world, jet lag is unavoidable.

So how does Alba stay energized, upbeat, and ready for the next challenge? Her go-to tricks are lots of coffee, lots of hydration, and avoiding naps at all costs.

“Coffee is my friend. You kind of have to power through,” Alba told Travel + Leisure. “The worst thing you can do is nap.”

“Usually between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. you’re super tired,” she said, “and if you take a nap, it’s really hard to wake up. And you feel nauseous usually, and then you have to wake up and cook dinner, so if there’s any way to power through, try.”

Alba warns against coffee’s dehydrating effects, though.

“I’ll just pound espresso, but at the same time you feel dehydrated, so you have to drink coconut water and regular water to counter the dehydration,” she told T+L.

Since Alba juggles her company, acting duties, being a brand spokeswoman, and her mom duties, we’ll take her advice and turn to a macchiato and some coconut water next time we’re feeling the post-flight energy lag.