By Andrea Romano
February 07, 2019
Jennifer Garner
Credit: GC Images

It’s clear that traveling with Jennifer Garner is an adventure. Just look at her Instagram.

If you aren’t already following Garner, you need to. She’s probably one of the most delightful people on the app, doling out fresh, feel-good, quirky content that also just so happens to be her celebrity life.

But it’s not all film shoots and photo spreads. Garner is also funny and down-to-earth and has a cute golden retriever. Everyone loves golden retrievers.

This week, according to her Instagram posts, she’s traveling without her kids. Because moms need to get away and relax sometimes, even when they’re A-list actresses. But there are still lots of ways Garner can get into mischief, it seems.

In her most recent Instagram video, Garner is clearly staying at one of the 21c Museum Hotels, which has locations all over the country and was named one of the best small city hotels in the continental U.S. by Travel + Leisure. It’s also famous for its multi-colored penguin sculptures. In the video, Garner is giving a bright green penguin a nice little shower.

We’re not sure why the penguin needed cleaning, but we’re happy to watch Garner lovingly bathe it.

The bright green penguin specifically belongs to the Bentonville, Arkansas location, as you can see on a map on the hotel’s website. The chain is a combination of a contemporary art museum and boutique hotel, and each location has its own, specifically colored, four-foot penguin made by Cracking Art Group.

According to Bed and Brunch PR, Holly Weyler McKnight, Director, Public Relations and Events with 21c said “They were intended to be a limited time exhibition but as they were on the property they began to take a life of their own and people began engaging with them.”

Occasionally, guests request the penguin in their rooms, like Garner, which the hotel is happy to do. And even though “they’re great companions,” according to McKnight, the penguins were originally intended to raise awareness of environmental issues, since they are made from petroleum.

And now the penguins are becoming their own social media stars. The 21C Museum Hotel features them frequently in posts on the hotel’s official Instagram as well.

More information about the 21c Museum Hotel can be found on the hotel's website.