By Stacey Leasca
July 12, 2019
Jennifer Garner
Credit: GC Images

Jennifer Garner is just like us when it comes to packing.

This week, Garner — otherwise known as America’s sweetheart — shared a hilarious video on Instagram showcasing just how relatable her packing choices really are.

“Who gets to come? Who hasn’t been in a long time and feels like they’re the right choice? It’s you,” Garner says, speaking to a subject off-screen. She then reveals who she's speaking to — or, what: a stack of her favorite sweatpants.

“I can’t look at them. It makes me feel too bad. You can come, too,” she added.

Her video caption: “The hardest part about packing.”

Fans commented about just how much they feel for her and her packing decisions.

“I so relate to this! But mine is with fruit and veg. Like which apple or carrot gets to come home with me,” one commenter said.

“This is how I felt packing for Italy. ‘Who wants to travel? Who wants to be in pictures? Don’t look at me like that striped top — besides you belong in a French bistro, not an Italian café,’” another added.

Garner has long been open about her love of sweatpants, both when traveling and when at home. “My kids are so relieved to see me take my makeup off and put glasses and sweatpants on,” she said in an interview with People. “I guess that doesn’t really count as feeling beautiful! It is more like feeling wanted and loved for being me, which is even better.”

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