The actress had forgotten about the cylindrical object in her carry-on.

Celebrities often cause a ruckus in airports, with fans and paparazzi mobbing them for a glimpse of designer sunglasses or comfy travel shoes.

One comedian set off a different kind of stir after the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) suspected she was hiding a bomb in her carry-on.

Jane Lynch, the actress of “Glee” fame, among other things, was returning from a film festival in Provincetown, Massachusetts when TSA agents stopped her at the airport.

It turns out the long, cylindrical award she had won at the festival resembled something much more menacing to the agents.

“They thought it was a pipe bomb!” Lynch told Seth Meyers in an interview on “Late Night.”

Lynch is in the process of filming a movie about the unibomber, Ted Kaczynski, and Meyers joked that if she had the script for that in her bag as well, she would have never left TSA custody.

“We're not great at connecting the dots, but you're making it very easy,” he said, mimicking the TSA.