Reggaeton Star J Balvin on Teaming up With Miller Lite and Where You Can Find a Taste of Colombia in the US

The award-winning reggaeton artist talked with T+L all about Colombia, performing, and his latest collaboration with Miller Lite.

J Balvin
J Balvin. Photo: Courtesy of Miller Lite

Music by Reggaeton artist J Balvin may get a crowd hyped, but when it's time to relax, he's a whole other vibe.

Born Jose Álvaro Osorio Balvin, the star from Medellín, Colombia has not only shared his talent with the world but is now sharing his style and off-stage persona with the help of a partnership with iconic beer brand Miller Lite — complete with a special-edition can.

"It's a cultural impact," Balvin told Travel + Leisure of the partnership. "People that don't know about me are going to get to know about me and then those who already know me; they're going to be drinking and collecting [them]."

"We added my ID on Miller Lite," he said.

Turning the brand's longtime slogan, "Miller Time," into his own "En Jose Time" the "Mi Gente" hitmaker is hoping to show off his aesthetic — the cans are neon decked out with graffiti-type graphics — along the "human" side of him.

Taking the collaboration a step further, fans of both Miller Lite and Balvin can get in on "En Jose Time" by winning a signed can and other swag in the partnership's sweepstakes running until the end of the year.

Getting to know Balvin a bit better, he told T+L that his ideal day off consists of getting in a good workout, driving his scooter around in search of the perfect cup of coffee in New York City — where he's lived for four years now — and spending time with friends.

And although he loves New York, he said nothing compares to the feeling of being home in Medellín.

"That's my city," the Grammy-winner said. "It's a beautiful city, it's called 'Eternal Spring,' because the weather's always nice, [and] the people are amazing."

J Balvin
Courtesy of Miller Lite

Recommending any travelers heading to Colombia of course stop in Medellín, along with Cartegena, and Santa Marta, Balvin shared a pro-tip for New Yorkers looking for a taste of his South American home: head to a grocery store in the Astoria, Queens.

"In every store, you can pick anything and it's going to be amazing," he said.

Back to performing as COVID-19 restrictions at various venues have eased, Balvin's schedule is picking up with festivals slated around the U.S. in Florida, California, and a show in Mexico.

"I can't wait," he said. "I'm a fan of crowds, I want to see them, I want to feel their vibe [and] energy."

While traveling across the globe for shows may not be in the near future, the artist told T+L that even though he only spends a small amount of time in the cities he performs in, he makes sure to walk around and "to know the vibe."

"I love design and I love architecture so [in] Asia and Italy I learned a lot about that from architecture to art — a little bit everything," he added. "But everywhere I go I just want to give the best of my love."

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