By Cailey Rizzo
July 06, 2019
Getty Images

Bravo host Andy Cohen recently went on his first car trip with his infant son, Benjamin. And even though it was only a short drive (from New York City to Westchester), things did not go smoothly.

“The second I put him in the car, he starts crying and crying and I was like, ‘Oh my God,’ ” Cohen told People. “I have this rearview mirror thing over his car seat, so I could just see him in terror.”

Luckily, Cohen discovered a trick to lull his four-month-old son to sleep: put on some good tunes and get in motion.

“Once we started rolling and I got the Grateful Dead playing, which always calms both of us down, he was great,” Cohen told People. “He was a champ. I actually think it’s the way to get him to fall asleep — put him in the car.”

Cohen has also been sharing a series of images on Instagram of traveling with his son. Benjamin seems to enjoy grabbing his father’s nose for entertainment during a flight.

Cohen learned the hard way to always come prepared for travel, because things can (and probably will) go wrong. Last year, his flight turned around due to a broken toilet on board and he shared the whole ordeal on Instagram.

But Cohen is no stranger to traveling with fickle companions. He spoke to Travel + Leisure about traveling with his dog Wacha. Cohen advised travelers to “figure out where the pet friendly places are” and “bring a toy and bring a treat and bring water, and all that stuff.”