This is one time celebrities most certainly do NOT want to be just like us.

Gwen Stefani
Credit: GC Images

Going through airport security is bananas. B.A.N.A.N.A.S.

According to TMZ, Gwen Stefani, international music superstar, was selected for a random full security screening including pat down by the TSA at Los Angeles International Airport.

One of two things we can glean from this: The random searches may actually be random. Or the TSA has no idea who Gwen Stefani is.

Stefani was given a pat down, as well as a full body scan, and another wand screening, according to TMZ. No doubt, it seems a little excessive, but we’re not the security professionals here.

Stefani, of course, was able to continue into the terminal without any incident because she is a fine, upstanding citizen — as well as a Grammy-winning artist. Don’t get it twisted.

Even though it may seem silly for someone to stop Gwen Stefani, you can’t knock the TSA. They're just doing their job. Pop princess or no pop princess, no one is above the law.