VIP status couldn’t help Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry score a room at this five-star hotel.

By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw
March 11, 2016
Prince Harry, Duchess Kate Middleton and Prince William
Credit: WireImage

Being a member of the royal family comes with some pretty good perks—including the ability to stay at some of the nicest places in the world. But a notable title couldn’t help Prince William, Kate Middleton, or Prince Harry score a hotel room at Le Hôtel Marotte in Amiens, France, this June.

The manager of the property, Olivier Walti, told local paper Courrier Picard that the French Foreign Ministry contacted them in January about booking suites for the famous threesome’s trip to the area this summer, but couldn’t accommodate them despite the six-month notice. “The Foreign Ministry has contacted us in January to see if we were able to accommodate the royal family on the occasion of the Somme commemorations,” said Walti. “We had to decline the offer. It is impossible. We are already booked solid. We would not tell people who have booked with us for months and who have already paid for their stay, sorry, but the royal family is coming, we will have to cancel. It’s just unthinkable ethically.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry, and other dignitaries are scheduled to be in Somme from June 30 and July 1 to commemorate those who died in the 1916 battle. “This is an important commemoration and they are honored to be taking part on behalf of The Queen and the Government,” a spokesman from Kensington Palace said.

The five-star property would have been ideal for the royal trio’s stay, as it’s the only luxury property situated close to the battlefields, features contemporary furnishings, a security gate, and houses a lounge, coffee shop and tea room—all for about $300 a night.

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