When Meghan Markle officially becomes a British royal in May 2018 she will be joining a large and exuberant extended family. Indeed, the Windsors are a big — but very close — bunch. In fact, they are so close that many of them live together in Kensington Palace.

The home, which has been a royal residency since the 17th century, is certainly large enough to house a few royals, but with the upcoming royal additions (both Markle and a third royal child will officially enter the fray in the spring), things may soon get a little crowded.

Here's which members of the British royal family call Kensington home.

Prince William, Kate Middleton, George and Charlotte

Prince William has long called Kensington home. He grew up in the palace, alongside his brother Harry, in his mother Diana’s apartment. When he married Kate Middleton in 2011 the pair moved into the Nottingham Cottage before eventually moving into Kensington’s Apartment 1A.

There, the royals have plenty of room for their expanding family as it boasts 22 rooms and more lamps than you care to count.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Once William and Kate moved out of the cottage Harry moved right in to make Nottingham his bachelor pad — until Meghan came along. Now the pair will call the relatively quaint 1,300-square-foot, two-bedroom cottage home. There, the pair can also entertain in the cottage's small garden space, where Harry reportedly installed his very own royal hammock.

Royal Family members who live at Kensington Palace (photoshopped)
Credit: Photo Illustration: Mariah Tyler (Source: Getty Images)

The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester

Prince Richard, the Duke of Gloucester, who is 24th in line to the throne, calls a piece of Kensington home. The Duke, who is the queen’s cousin, resides in Apartment 1 with his wife Birgitte van Deurs. Though the Duke and Duchess may not live there for much longer. According to reports, the pair may have to vacate to make room for Meghan and Harry if they choose to move in.

The Duke and Duchess of Kent

The Duke and Duchess of Kent, otherwise known as Katharine and Edward, live on the grounds of Kensington in the Wren House, which is located to the north of the main palace. The pair’s residence perhaps looks over the best view as it overlooks a particularly beautiful walled garden.

Prince and Princess of Kent

Prince Edward, the paternal cousin of Queen Elizabeth, and his wife, Marie Christine von Reibnitz, have lived in Apartment 10 for more than 20 years. According to the palace, their residency is quite expensive.

As Kensington officials explained: “The Queen is paying the rent for Prince and Princess Michael of Kent's apartment at a commercial rate of £120,000 annually, from her own private funds. This rent payment by The Queen is in recognition of the Royal engagements and work for various charities which Prince and Princess Michael of Kent have undertaken at their own expense, and without any public funding.”

And Princess Eugenie may soon join them

In 2016, the royal family announced that Princess Eugenie would soon take up residence in Kensington Palace in the three-bedroom Ivy Cottage. Though her actual rent has not been disclosed, People reported that a comparable apartment in London might run as high as $4,500 per week. However, in 2017, the cottage was found to have “damp” in the basement, which so far has not been fixed, meaning Eugenie may want to put her Kensington moving vans on hold.