By Stacey Leasca
August 05, 2019
Getty Images

If there’s one thing we know about Diplo it’s that he’s one seriously calm flier. Need proof? Just check out his Instagram post, where he appears to be meditating as the pilots make an emergency landing.

On Sunday, the 40-year-old DJ took to social media to share the frightening experience with fans. But, he didn’t do it to share his own fears. He shared it to give a heads up that he may not make it to his next gig in time.

“Dear Colombus and Minneapolis, my jet window just cracked open and the pilots are wearing masks so not sure ill make my shows tonight,” he wrote in an Instagram caption. “...but they left the wifi on so I'm just going to sit in the back and smoke toad venom and Vlog.” Diplo then added, “I just bought this cool vest in Dallas at a thrift store ….. Also I never told you this but I might b[e] gay.” According to People, Diplo was likely referencing a scene in Almost Famous when a character blurts out, “I’m gay!” during a turbulent flight.

In the first of the two photos the pilots are indeed seen wearing oxygen masks with a cracked windshield in front of them. In the second image, Diplo sits cross-legged in front of what appears to be a basket full of chocolate as he meditates.

Thankfully, just a short time later the DJ updated his fans to let them know he is safe.

“Update: we landed and no one died,” he shared. “I still might be gay but I'm definitely not going to tie dye any more jets.” That last one, People added, was in reference to the fact that he covered his entire jet in a tie-dye pattern a few weeks ago.

But, Diplo did take away a good lesson from the entire harrowing experience. And that lesson was that life is fragile. So, to celebrate that fact he started a new self-care routine and shared that on Instagram too.

“Yesterday I learned that life is fragile so I started a skincare routine,” he shared. “Also if you’re thinking of dating me or even a one night stand you should hit me up soon cause you never know I could be eaten by an alligator or something on one of my weird tours.”