This story originally appeared on on March 21st, 2017.

More than half of American workers don't take all their vacation time, and they're missing out on more than just fun and sun. Research shows taking time off also does wonders for your health: taking them regularly is a potent stress-buster, may reduce your risk of heart disease, can improve your performance at work, and bring you closer to your family.

Know who doesn't have trouble taking time away from it all? The Kardashians. The world-famous family is known for their lavish trips around the globe. From a $17,000-a-night suite in Dubai to a private beachfront mansion in Costa Rica, the Kardashians know a thing a two about R&R.

Watch the video to learn more about how Kim, Khloé, and the gang spend their time away from home. While you probably can't afford to vacation quite as extravagantly as they do, seeing how much fun they have might inspire you to finally ask your boss for a few days off.