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Chrissy Teigen
Credit: David Crotty/Getty

Chrissy Teigen is a force to be reckoned with. She’s a model, entrepreneur, cookbook author, and TV show host — not to mention the mom to two adorable angel-cake babies, Luna and Miles, and wife to John Legend.

But at the root of it, Teigen is a down-to-earth person who keeps us all laughing on social media by sharing her adventures "living" at Heathrow Airport and being totally honest about what it’s like taking a 15-hour flight with two kids.

So it made sense that Teigen teamed up with Pepsi to launch new augmented reality filters and digital stickers as part of the new Pepsi #Summergram campaign on Instagram. People can scan QR codes on Pepsi #Summergram bottles to unlock special filters to feel just as cool as the Queen of Social Media herself.

We sat down with Teigen at the launch of #Summergram to get the tea on what it’s like traveling with her gorgeous family, why she wants to rent an RV, and how to deal with Instagram FOMO.

Chrissy Teigen
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Travel + Leisure: You have two kids now. What’s it like traveling with them?

"'Well, two kids feels like a thousand. I’m still that person that gets on an airplane and I’m like, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.' But I think there’s such a way to do it now. We ask [Luna] before we leave, ‘What are the things you’re going to want in your seat? What are you going to want to listen to? Here’s the rules: We don’t be loud because there’s other people on the plane.'"

Sounds like smooth sailing?

"There were of course moments where I would be sobbing, holding her in the front of the galley just like crying and bobbing her up and down and nothing works. But for me, that’s all I need to see in a parent taking care of their child on the plane is somebody trying, because you never know what they’re going to do."

Do you have any tips to make it easier?

"I got rid of my own carry-on bag. My carry-on bag is her carry-on bag. Always bring what you think you don’t need to bring. Just bring everything you think she’s not going to need. That little toy that holds candies? She wants it and she’ll scream for two hours if you don’t bring it."

What’s a dream family vacation for you?

"I am dying to take an RV trip and John knows this too. He says I’ll be over it after like a couple of days, but I think we’ll really have fun with it. I don’t want it to be like glamping. I want an RV, I want food on there we can put together and stop every once in a while at the rest stop. Just to be able to pull up at the Grand Canyon — to see something as miraculous as that."

Anywhere else you’d like to go?

"I’m a big fan of main streets in any town. I moved a lot growing up and I always ended up getting jobs on main street because I thought that’s where everything happened. I’ve always wanted to do a show or at least cruise through all the different main streets like that because they sort of encompass a city in way."

One reason people love you so much is because of how authentic you are on social media. How do you balance that?

"It’s hard because obviously we are incredibly lucky to be able to go to the places we get to go. When I’m going down my feed I get FOMO from seeing people’s pictures. And I never want to post anything where our vacations look so amazing, so incredible and that’s our life, that’s it. Like, they’re wonderful. They’re beautiful. You have your family around, but not enough people get to do them. So sometimes it’s not a thing that you want to share so much of because there’s people out there that are still always going to be working and are still working up towards that vacation."

Everyone deserves a vacation, right?

"Everyone’s in a different part of their lives and I never want people to think that just because of where they are in their life, they’re never going to have what they see scrolling down Instagram. I didn’t have this life 10 years ago."

Your husband, John Legend, told T+L that traveling with you is "not terrible." What’s it like traveling with him?

"Traveling with John is terrible in a different way and it’s because he is so good at being able to block out everything and I hyper-pickup everything. I feel like i’m constantly on watch for John and Luna because he’s just so in his own zone. He’ll like take his bag down and not watch who it’s falling on and that stuff kills me. I’m apologizing all the time for him. He has it made, honestly, for as much work as Luna I have to do to protect him in an airport."

What do you always carry on flights for yourself?

"Gosh, just Aquaphor always. I get super dry on the airplane. And sometimes a facemask. I don’t care how I look on the plane. I just discovered those silicone ones. Once you discover the silicone ones, they like adhere to every inch of your face."

Any other tips from a travel pro?

"I’ve shunned drinking on airplanes. There’s just nothing like landing with a hangover. It is crap garbage."