"One of my biggest dreams is to rate airplane food. I can tell you every meal on every flight.”

Chrissy Teigen Airport
Credit: starzfly/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

It's no surprise Chrissy Teigen has amazing airport style, the perfect travel bag, or the whole traveling-as-a-mom thing figured out. But there is one thing about Chrissy Teigen’s travel habits that might shock you: She loves airplane food.

The A-list celeb who isn't shy about her passion for food, actually enjoys eating on an airplane — and not just in first class. Though she does have a secret weapon for making taste even better: Teigen previously told Travel + Leisure she never leaves home without hot sauce.

We know, you're probably thinking she's burned off all her tasted buds, but she has some really interesting insight into airplane food. We caught up with Teigen, who is the new spokesperson for Smirnoff, and she filled us in on her favorite airlines for food, and the meals you should try on them.

“I love airplane food. I’ve always been a fan of compartmentalized food. I love things where they are in their own little area,” Teigen told T+L. “I’ve always loved everything about it whether it’s coach, first class, business — it doesn't matter. If things were wrapped in plastic bag I loved it. I’ve always been intrigued by it.”

Not only is she intrigued, but she wouldn’t mind eating airplane food professionally, “One of my biggest dreams is to rate airplane food. I can tell you every meal on every flight.”

A new show concept, maybe? We can only hope. Until then, we’ll have to rely on her current favorites.

“Virgin has the most innovative coolest menu, but sometimes they’re too cool for their own good,” said Teigen. But she still loves their food. “Virgin America does a chilaquile that is crazy delicious. Lunch kind of always sucks, so I try to always get dinner or breakfast on the flight. For breakfast I always get the omelet. [They do] one with red bell peppers, potatoes and herb goat cheese spread.”

What other airlines win at in-flight dining?

“There is a short rib on Delta that is really amazing with polenta,” said Teigen.