Chrissy Teigen layover at Heathrow Airport

Chrissy Teigen hasn’t always had the best travel experiences, between her everyday mom struggles on 15-hour trips and “flights to nowhere,” she probably has quite a few stories to tell.

Which is why when she has a long layover, she definitely knows how to do it right.

According to The Daily Mail, Teigen told fans on Instagram that she was “living at Heathrow” after wrapping a photo shoot in Morocco and traveling back to the U.S. But before she could return stateside, she had to endure a 16-hour layover at the London airport.

On Sunday, Teigen asked her Twitter followers for help with a predicament: Should she leave the airport and find a close-by hotel, or just stay at the airport during her layover, the Daily Mail reported.

In her tweet, she stated her layover was 14 hours, but she mentioned it was 16 hours in her Instagram story.

Many followers stopped to reply to her tweet, until one user suggested Teigen get a room at Yotel, an in-airport hotel at Heathrow, so she could have the best of both worlds, according to The Daily Mail. She can relax in a nice room and she doesn’t have to go through security again.

Teigen began documenting her layover saga on Instagram stories, introducing her entourage, including her hair and makeup people who tended to her layover look. Her makeup artist even did a full eyebrow tutorial. Because nothing puts you in a good mood for another long haul flight like a well groomed brow. No joke. Try it.

She even tried to hook up her single friends that she was traveling with, jokingly saying in the videos, “They're single so if there's any businessman at Heathrow they'll meet you at the Yotel, pay by the hour.”

Outside of Yotel, Teigen also picked up some souvenirs, including an adorable Paddington Bear for her daughter, Luna.

According to The Metro, she even told followers that she was up for some meet and greets.

“If anyone is here in the next 16 hours we will be at the arcade,” Teigen tweeted.

Heathrow Airport was appreciative of Teigen taking advantage of its many in-airport services. She even tweeted back, offering to help out with operations. You know, since she had the time.

But it looks like Teigen is on her way back to the U.S. now that her layover is over. Hopefully some fans got to get some choice selfies with the model/author/entrepreneur/life inspiration. Either way, layovers have never looked better.