Chrissy Teigen and John Legend
Credit: WireImage

In May, model, mom, and entrepreneur Chrissy Teigen shared her one vacation dream with Travel + Leisure. All she wanted to do was take an RV trip with her husband, John Legend, and her kids. In July, she got that wish, but it looks like that dream trip has turned into a nightmare.

"I am dying to take an RV trip and John knows this too,” Teigen said just a few short months ago. “He says I’ll be over it after like a couple of days, but I think we’ll really have fun with it. I don’t want it to be like glamping. I want an RV, I want food on there we can put together and stop every once in a while at a rest stop. Just to be able to pull up at the Grand Canyon — to see something as miraculous as that."

This week, it appears the family finally did embark on that RV trip she wanted so badly. However, after just a few minutes in the car disaster struck. And Teigen shared it all on Instagram.

“I had this amazing idea to rent an RV so we could sleep in our friend’s driveway with the kids and not go back and forth to a hotel, lugging all our baby crap,” she wrote. “I’ve always wanted to do a cross-country trip but figured just heading upstate would be a good start! These two videos were taken 5 minutes apart.”

In the first video, Teigen shows Legend strapping their daughter Luna into her car seat before setting off on the adventure. Legend laughs and says, “I’m a motor home driver now.”

In the second clip, Teigen shows that the passenger side window has shattered. Though she doesn’t explain how it happened she can be heard hysterically laughing adding, “Good thing no one was sitting there.”

But, don’t feel too bad for Teigen, Legend, and the kids. After all, they’ve already been to Italy and France this summer on vacation too, so at least this little RV mishap didn’t spoil all their fun.