It's the bag she can't travel without.

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Chrissy Teigen's Favorite Luggage
Credit: Marc Piasecki/ Getty Images

Few occupations allow you to travel the world more frequently than being a professional model. Just ask Chrissy Teigen, who has spent much of her career traveling the globe for spreads in Sports Illustrated and spots in Paris Fashion Week. If photo shoots and runway shows didn't keep her on the road enough, she married musician John Legend.

We caught up with Teigen at the Chase Sapphire Reserve event in New York City, where she let us in on her go-to travel bag: the Tumi duffel.

“I am obsessed with Tumi duffels," Teigen told Travel + Leisure. "We have about 10 of them in our house.”

It’s no secret packing is a top travel stressor. But Teigen is a master who can bundle all of her belongings into a single carry-on—they're even ready to hang upon arrival. Hear it from Teigen herself why she and her rock star husband have dubbed this the perfect travel bag.

Chrissy Teigen's Favorite Luggage
Credit: Courtesy of Tumi

To buy (Left to Right): Macy's, $445, Saks, $875, Macy's, $395.

They’re worth the money because they’ll last forever.

“They’re not cheap, but if a handle breaks, or if the leather’s worn, you bring them into the store and they will replace them."

They’re lightweight and you can fit everything.

“They don’t add weight to what you are already bringing and they fit so, so much. You can really put absolutely everything you want in them. We keep everything on the hanger and do this little floating roll technique to get [our clothes] in there. That way, when we take everything out we can just hang it [all] up."

The pockets are actually useful.

"There are so many big, nice pockets you can actually use—very deep and separate [from the main area] so nothing can leak through the sides. If you keep your creams [and liquids] in the side pockets, nothing is going to leak out and get on your clothes.”