Chrissy Teigen on Vacation

As supermodel Chrissy Teigen knows, traveling the world for work has its perks — not to mention the travel perks that come with having a rock star husband.

Sure, the private jets, first-class service and grand hotel suites are great, but traveling from country to country starring in runway shows and doing spreads for Sports Illustrated can bring you to some pretty exotic places. Which means she’s probably got a handle on the best places to visit when you want to get away.

We sat down with the model/twitter goddess/new face of Smirnoff to talk all things travel and she had some great vacation recommendations. The destination at the top of her must-see list? Lake Como.

“For me, the most special place is Lake Como, Italy. There’s just something so picturesque and so quiet about it,” Teigen told Travel + Leisure. “When you look out on the lake it looks like a painting. It’s completely silent.”

Teigen and husband Jon legend escaped to Lake Como for their wedding in 2013, and since then they’ve returned for vacations with family and friends. They’ve even shared the special destination with their daughter, Luna.

But Teigen’s love of the destination goes beyond just the beauty of it. The laid-back atmosphere and delicious food has captured her heart, not to mention there’s plenty to do when soaking up the sun gets old.

“There’s so many different aspects of it,” said Teigen. “ You can take a boat up the lake, you can do these little excursions, you can wear sandals with a dress and go eat the best Italian food of your life.”

And, while her summer plans may or may not include another trip to the Italian hotspot, we’re definitely adding it to our 2017 bucket list.