Chip and Joanna Gaines Italy Vacation Holiday
Credit: @joannagaines/Instagram

The “Fixer Upper” stars have been hard at work for years remodeling the homes in Waco Texas. Now that they have wrapped the last season of their hit HGTV show, the pair is getting some R&R in Italy.

But don’t worry, the duo is still sharing their every move with fans on Instagram. In a post Joanna wrote, “We both slept for 15 hours and missed breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon of shopping with friends, but that rest felt good! Florence, you're beautiful.”

There, the Gaines’ partook in a little pasta-making class, which Joanna diligently documented on her Instagram story. In one of the posts you can even hear Chip exclaim, “Y’all wanna try making some pasta?”

Next, the husband and wife design team grabbed a pair of scooters (as one does when traveling to Italy) for a quick road trip.

Joanna then shared a truly breathtaking shot above Vatican City, where she and her husband were fortunate enough to catch a rainbow arching across the sky.

And as People noted, the couple also took time to celebrate Chip’s 43rd birthday while traveling to Italy. In an Instagram story Joanna shared a video of the moment the crowd sang to Chip, to which Chip replies, “Happy birthday to me!”

While the Gaines certainly have enough free time to travel the world now that they are retired from their show it turns out they actually picked the perfect time to vacation in Italy.

November may in fact be the ideal month to trek through the European country because it happens to be in the middle of what is known as a “shoulder season,” or the time between two peak travel times. This usually means less tourists which also means less wait times at museums, restaurants, and cheaper airfare and hotels.

And, if you act fast, you could even make it to Italy just in time for the Feast of Saint Cecilia (Santa Cecilia), which as the name implies is a giant feast day celebrated at Santa Cecilia in Trastevere. Who knows, maybe the Gaines will be there sharing a few bites of their homemade pasta, too.