Welcome to our series, the T+L Carry-On, where we take a look inside the luggage of those who find themselves frequently traveling around the world—and gain a few expert tips along the way.
Chanel Iman
Credit: Brian Ach/Getty Images for MIZANI

It was hard not to notice Chanel Iman seemingly float into Rachel Zoe’s third-annual ZOEasis Style Retreat in Palm Springs, California. Her braided hair accentuated with light-pink and purple ribbons paired with a jaw-dropping white-fringed dress made her possible to ignore. Lucky for us, she has some of her own travel secrets to share.

We sat down with the Victoria’s Secret model during Coachella 2017 to learn a few of her tips and tricks when it comes to packing the perfect bag (spoiler: lots of bikinis!) and find out a few tricks of the trade to being a model traveler. Read on, and learn:

Where is your favorite place you’ve ever traveled?

"We just went on an amazing trip of a lifetime last month to Africa. We started in Morocco then we went to Egypt, then we went to Tanzania, then we went to Zambia, then we went to the Maldives. Our last stop was Dubai. It was amazing. If you go on my Instagram you can see all my cool pics."

You're heading out on a trip — what's the one travel accessory you can't leave home without?

"My music."

What’s your packing philosophy?

"I try so hard to pack light but I end up packing so much. You can never have too many outfits to choose from when you're traveling. So I always pack three extra looks: One extra nighttime look, a daytime look, and I have tons of bikinis. I have a thing with bikinis — that’s what I travel with the most. I can honestly live in a bikini."

What's your go-to carry-on bag?

"I just travel with my Louis duffle bag and a rollie."

Is there one place you've always wanted to visit?

"Bali. I’ve always wanted to go to Bali, I’ve always wanted to go to Bora Bora — and St. lucia! I’ve been to Turks and Caicos, and I loved it. It's just very quiet."

Can you share one trip that really surprised you?

"I always enjoy Africa, just being there. I think the safari when I was in Tanzania, that was really beautiful and just getting up close to the animals — to get that close, to see how they live in the wild and get to document it was really cool."