Forget champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Food carts are where it's at.

Celine Dion Eats A Hot Dog
Credit: @celinedion via Instagram

Celine Dion's post-Met Gala plans were pretty amazing.

While her colleagues and friends were off attending over-the-top after parties, the singer took some time for a quick street vendor hot dog and photo opp.

What this really means is that you and Celine Dion probably have something incredibly basic — and delicious — in common. Never again should you feel any shame for indulging in a late-night street-side snack, because Canadian superstars do it, too.

But to truly be like Celine, you'll likely need to up your street style. Dion is fully decked out in Versace for this priceless photo, as she mentions in her Instagram post.