By Lindsey Campbell
Updated: October 25, 2016
© Martyn Goddard/Corbis

There’s nothing quite like the lives of the rich and famous. While constantly being in the public eye might not be for everyone, a celebrity’s jet-setting lifestyle is definitely something we can get behind. After all, getting paid to explore the world is any travel-lover’s dream. Plus they have their packing and travel outfit routines down to a science. But, where do stars go when it’s time for a little R&R on their days off? From California to New York City, take a look at where a few celebs are spending this weekend.Gwyneth Paltrow captures a beautiful sunset in California:

Kristin Cavallari snaps a shot of New York City's famous Radio City Music Hall:

Emma Watson shares a drive through beautiful Ottawa:

Amy Schumer has drinks with friends in Brooklyn:

We're not sure where they're heading but Kate Hudson shares a shot of her road tripping with Stella McCartney: