Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas Travel Hong Kong Asia
Credit: Getty Images; Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Lifetime

Catherine Zeta-Jones has been a busy traveler as of late.

The actress has added more than a few stamps to her passport over the last few weeks, including one from India. There, Zeta-Jones traveled alongside her family, including her husband Michael Douglas and their children, Dylan, 17, and Carys, 14. And while in India the family fulfilled one of her bucket list dreams when they visited the Taj Mahal.

“At the Taj Mahal with the three other ‘Wonders of the World’ in my life,” Zeta-Jones shared in an Instagram post.

Following their vacation to India, the family then jetted off to Cambodia, where they visited the well that they donated to a local community.

“The best Christmas gift. Today we went to see the well we donated to some families in Cambodia. Such a joy for us,” she shared in an Instagram post of her two children next to the well.

Next, the family stopped over in Thailand where they were welcomed with gorgeous traditional flower garlands.

In Thailand, according to Zeta-Jones’ Instagram account, the family spent a great deal of time in the water, diving and enjoying the gorgeous scenery.

But their adventures didn’t stop there. According to Zeta-Jones, the family took one more flight to ring in the new year in Hong Kong. From there, the actress shared a video of the very bright and festive Hong Kong skyline.

Though it’s unclear if the family’s holiday break is now over, we’re certainly glad that Zeta-Jones has been playing tour guide on social media on the family’s getaway. If you’re looking to travel through Asia like Zeta-Jones just check out Travel + Leisure’s guide to the top 10 cities to visit along the way.